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About Us

Based in Southern California, Bold Girlz embraces the inclusion, acceptance and uniqueness of all people, and celebrates the BOLD in you - Brave, Original, Loving, Daring. We Collab with new artists that reflect the authenticity of our brand.  Our statement clothing helps you tell the world that you are important because you are YOU. By wearing BOLD GIRLZ designs, you are empowering all women to use their voices and share ideas. Our signature, unique G sign combines the G for girl with the peace sign.


All of our clothing is designed for your active life. Ultra soft premium fabrics embrace you like a hug from your bestie. Machine washable, dryer friendly and pre-shrunk means these clothes are durable and built to last longer than any insta-trend!  We print every piece to order, minimizing the waste of manufacturing which is good for the planet. 



The BOLD GIRLZ community will help women by partnering with organizations that support and encourage women. Each month, we will feature a new Collab to support a different cause.  We are always looking for new talented artists and organizations that would like to partner with us.


We are a new brand that wants to hear from you!  We would love to hear your ideas to make Bold Girlz a better brand.  Please follow us on Instagram and Tik Tok and be a part of our community.    


You are strong and together, we can do anything!  Get ready - this is just the beginning.